Chester finally got a chance to visit home for a morning. It’s safe to say, he loved it! 

Closets, bookshelves and pantry shelving were worked on today. Paint is coming soon. I should probably figure the colors out. 🤔 
Jake and I are usually obnoxiously agreeable about everything design wise; but colors will be the death of us. <kidding kidding> As long as he lets me pick, we’ll be fine. 😆

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We picked out our countertops this morning and made a stop at the house to check out the progress. The kitchen cabinets are in, and the fireplace is bricked!
I have to say, we have the best guys working on our home. ❤️ 


We made our weekly trip to the house, but we didn’t get to clean— because the guys of Bender Remodeling were busy bees getting things done! 👊🏼

• Floors are making their way through the house. 
• Interior doors and trim were on the docket today. 
• Kitchen cabinets get installed Monday.

So many neighbors were also at their homes today. It felt like home again as we were able to chat with them as the kids played with their friends. ❤️

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I feel like we are finally making some progress on the house rebuild….things have been happening, they’re just not always super visible. But insulation is in the walls, hvac is getting done today, and Sheetrock will be coming up next! We are so very thankful we have a home to stay in for the next couple of months, but we are oh so eager to get back into our home. ❤️

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Several men from First Baptist Camden worked houses in Pollocksville today along with a team of men from LA. Thank y’all so much for your servant’s hearts!

Jake was able to get inside the house yesterday and do a quick assessment. Water is still too high to get in without a boat, so cleanup will wait to hopefully this evening 🤞🏼 or tomorrow. It’s amazing how the flood waters pick up such heavy pieces of furniture and tosses it about. Waters went up to around 4.5 feet throughout the house.